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WinB2900 PC Control Software for the Keysight B2900A Metrics B2900A

WinB2900 is PC-based control software for the Agilent B2900A Source Measure Unit. WinB2900 provides GPIB-bus or LXI control allowing the creation, execution, and analysis of the data. The addition of WinB2900 provides enhanced automation of the AT B2901A, B2902A, B2911A or B2912A.

WinB2900 Point, Click, and Measure Capabilities
  • • Controls your Keysight B2900A series meter with one easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • • Provides programming-free test setup generation.
  • • Supports measurement sequences.
WinB2900 Plotting and Data Analysis
  • • Extracts parameters according to user definition.
  • • Provides powerful plotting capabilities.
  • • Uses Windows clipboard flexibility to incorporate plots into documents and presentations.
Win4156 Equation Editor
  • • Extracts parameters according to user definition.
WinB2900 Data management
  • • Uses project files as a central location to store test setups and data.
  • • Provides a hierarchical database engine that organizes and manges your data.
  • • Includes ASCII export of data.
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