Metrics Win4156 지원가능한 GPIB 카드

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지원가능한 GPIB 카드

The following GPIB boards are supported by Win4156. Please note that Boards that are not listed below are not supported by Metrics Technology.

Manufacturer Board
National Instruments PCI-GPIB
keysight Technologies 82350

The following table has been compiled to show the correct version of GPIB software to use. Please note that versions of the GPIB software that differ from this table are not supported. If you are running a different version please acquire the listed version and follow the directions provided by the GPIB board manufacturer to replace the software.

Windows XP Pro SP3, Windows 7 Pro 32, 64-bit
NI PCI-GPIB v3.0 or later
NI GPIB-USB-B/HS v3.0 or later
keysight 82350 IO Libraries 16.0
keysight 82357 IO Libraries 16.0